-The Bratwurst Stand-

We’re remembering the streets of Germany, where a snack or meal could be found on most every street corner. The food was always hot and loaded with flavor!!! Our Food – We start with one of the Finest Authentic German Suppliers and offer: Original Bratwurst, Currywurst, Thueringer, Nuernberger, Weisswurst, Grillers, etc… served on/with a German Hard Roll called a Brötchen. This type of bread, very dense and chewy, has complimented Bratwurst for decades. When the 2 are joined, apply the mustard of your choice - Lowensenf, Alstertor or Dark Ale and enjoy the flavors. We also offer French's for those who don't want to venture to far from home...

The most favorite side dish for a Bratwurst & Brötchen is Pommes Frites or Belgian Fries. At Poynor's, we prepare the frites to a crispy-crunchy golden brown exterior and a "soft baked potato" interior. They’re then sprinkled with coarse ground kosher salt and served piping HOT with your choice of made-in-house dipping sauces that include garlic, horse-radish, curry, fresh crack black pepper, fruit, etc... Some have a kick or heat to enhance the flavor. Also offering ketchup and warm cheese.

Now you can visit the The Island In Pigeon Forge and enjoy A Taste Of Europe. Specialty Items Include: Authentic German Bratwurst, Pommes Frites / Belgian Fries, Original Made-In-House Dipping Sauces, Fresh Baked Brötchen (German Hard Rolls) and Spaghetti Ice. Stop in and visit! We're located under the 'Great Smoky Mountain Wheel’

"dänke! ünd güten Täg"

Poynor's Pommes Frites

Poynor & Tammy Giles


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